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    AstaEye | Support Healthy Vision | AREDS 2 Macular Health Formula | Eye Vitamins & Icelandic Astaxanthin | Lutein and…


    ✔ HEALTH SUPPLEMENT: Asta Eye Astaxanthin supplement supports healthy vision. It can reduce eye strain, dry eye, eye-fatigue, eye-floaters twitching sensation, night blindness, and macular degeneration. This supplement contains vitamins that are essential for eyes & Icelandic Astaxanthin.
    ✔ VISION SUPPLEMENT AND ANTIOXIDANT: Astaxanthin has been shown to reduce eye strain caused by tired eyes and digital screens. Icelandic Astaxanthin also helps support the ability to focus and refocus and enhance depth perception. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants that cross the blood-brain barrier to ensure macular, retinal, and overall eye health for a lifetime.
    ✔ AREDS 2 Macular Health Formula: This eye vitamin formula is based on 20 years of clinical studies to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration. We’ve included the top eye vitamins to help support your eyes including lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin.

  • Antioxidants

    BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin 12mg, 50 Count – Hawaiian Grown Premium Antioxidant – One per day – Sports Nutrition…


    JOINT HEALTH & RECOVERY FROM PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: With results you can feel, BioAstin is recommended for individuals interested in supporting quick recovery from strenuous exercise or physical activity, and also reducing oxidative stress that causes soreness and stiffness
    SKIN SUPPORT DURING UV & SUN EXPOSURE: Scientific studies show taking astaxanthin increased the amount of time it took for UV radiation to redden the skin. Other studies showed improvements in skin moisture and appearance.
    NATURALLY GROWN – 100% HAWAIIAN: The ONLY astaxanthin made with 100% Non-GMO microalgae (Haematococcus pluvialis) naturally grown on our farm in Kona, Hawaii, USA. Grown with sun, water & aloha, our unique farm to bottle process ensures high quality products from a source you can trust.