AdderRx -New Extra Strength Rx Grade ADD/ADHD Increase Mental Focus & Energy


AdderRx -New Extra Strength Rx Grade ADD/ADHD Increase Mental Focus & Energy

Nexgen’s Best Selling OTC Focus & Concentration Supplement

AdderRx is a cutting-edge, scientifically-engineered supplement with a proprietary blend of powerful energy compounds and cognitive enhancers.

College students and young professional understand the importance of performing at their peak mental capacity to excel in the classroom and the workplace. AdderRx addresses these issues by increasing energy, focus, memory, and mental cognition abilities.

Let’s face it, popular energy drinks are nothing more than a boatload of sugar, caffeine and some B-Vitamins that give you nothing more than a quick jolt of energy followed by an extreme crash. AdderRx gives you lasting energy with no crash, while also greatly increasing short and long term cognitive abilities and memory recall.

AdderRx is a professionally formulated supplement that supports and enhances:

  • Mental Energy & Clarity
  • Cognition
  • Brain Function
  • Mental Focus
  • Alertness & Concentration
  • Mental Endurance

*Ultra Concentrated one capsule dose. Do not take more than one pill every 24 hours.

What are you waiting for? Get the edge! Stand out in competitive classroom or business environment. Order today, and feel the power of AdderRx!

AdderRx is scientifically-engineered to increase mental focus, cognition, alertness, improve concentration, and energy. AdderRx gives users a mental edge and the ability to work more efficiently, smarter, and longer!

AdderRx’s proprietary formula pairs powerful stimulants with cognition enhancing agents to enhance your mental focus and brain function. These substances have been shown to sharpen cognitive abilities and improve creative thinking, information processing, attention, focus and memory; while the stimulants give you lasting energy.

Simply put, AdderRx gives you incredible energy, focus, concentration, and the mental endurance to allow you to perform your very best!

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