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This listing is for both HSVhelp Salve/lotion, and a 30-day/60 capsule supply of supplement capsules. This is an amazing combination of products to treat herpes both internally and externally, simultaneously. Please click on “See Other Items” or search “HSVhelp” in the ebay search bar to view or purchase these products individually.

All-natural herbal supplement capsules, and salve/lotion together, to treat Herpes symptoms safely and effectively, from HSVhelp! Hundreds of people helped! Read our feedback please!

Discreet shipping. For your privacy, there will be no indications on the package or products themselves that these products are intended for Herpes.

Convenient one-a-day capsules and a 2-ounce tin of HSVhelp Salve/lotion both containing herbal organic ingredients known to be the natural enemy to all forms of Herpes, including HSV type 1 and 2, Genital, and Oral Herpes, and Shingles (Herpes Zoster),

30 day supply, 60 vegetarian capsules, plus a 2-ounce tin of Salve/lotion.

Capsule directions: Take two capsules per day as a daily preventative, preferably with food. During active herpes symptoms, take two capsules twice a day preferably with food.

Capsule ingredients: Organic Olive Leaf, Organic Oregano Oil, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Moringa Leaf

Salve/lotion directions: Apply daily and directly to breakouts and areas prone to irritation, or apply daily as a preventative treatment.

Salve/lotion Ingredients: 100% Organic Olive Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Organic Pure White Beeswax, Organic Sulfur (MSM)

My name is Tim and I have been living with HSV-1 and 2 oral and genital herpes since I was 40 years old. Like so many in the world, I was diagnosed with herpes from unprotected sexual contact from a person with this disease. It is a mistake made by millions of people, although I have virtually eliminated my recurring symptoms of herpes with the use of this supplement.

After my initial outbreak 5 years ago, and a visit to my doctor to be tested, it was concluded I had type-1 and 2 oral and genital herpes. Immediately I began my journey to find natural remedies or a possible cure. I changed my lifestyle to make healthier choices, to stay positive, and to be conscious of the things in life that can trigger a herpes outbreak. As my health improved, the severity of the outbreaks diminished, however I was not without herpes symptoms or outbreaks forever yet, they just returned at a less frequent and less severe rate.

I tried the prescription oral medications. They all had a significant benefit to some degree although the idea of taking pharmaceutical antiviral pills daily, not knowing if they were truly working, and whatever side-effects they could potentially cause, worried me. As time went on, I continued researching homeopathic remedies and I spent hundreds of hours reading articles and books on things like vitamins, nutrients, supplements, essential oils, and foods discovered to lessen, or increase, the propensity for a herpes outbreak. Strangely, I couldn’t find any natural supplements made specifically for treatment of herpes, designed along the studies citing that certain natural ingredients may prevent and treat herpes symptoms when taken daily.

My mission was to develop a natural product myself, and what became of that mission was a miracle to me. I am sharing this supplement and salve now with other people. These natural ingredients combined together have ended the cycle of herpes breakouts for me, and have erased any and all signs of blemishes from previous breakouts, and restored my skin’s appearance to normal.

For purposes of privacy and discretion, each order will arrive with 30 capsules, filled to order, in a discreet resealable container, along with an unbranded 2-ounce tin of salve. I do not wish to market this in a fancy way, and I would assume folks wouldn’t want anything in their home or travel bag that may tell someone they have herpes. My goal here is to help people who suffer from this problem by passing on the knowledge I’ve gained and the supplements that works for me. I’m happy to help! Message me with any questions about this product or any advice you need. Thank you!


Friendly advice to eBay buyers: Please be aware that there are other “herpes treatment capsules and cures” available from other sellers on eBay. Be sure to research what else these sellers are selling by clicking on “see other items” under their feedback score. If they are selling products completely unrelated to herpes treatment supplements, such as women’s cosmetics, video games, batteries, and multiple random items, it’s your guess what you are getting. HSVhelp is the only seller that list’s it’s ingredients in it’s capsules, with proven success to help those in need, with just one purpose, since 2017.

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