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Pleasebesuretoreviewmyfeedbackandreadtheinstructionscarefully, Ihavehelpedhundredsofpeoplewithinthelastfewyears,andhavegivensupportandadvicetoeveryoneIhavehelped.Thisproductwilltrulychangeyourlife.

This is the BEST,one and only known natural cure for the Herpes virus sold on Ebay. This simple, but very effective mixture of natural herbs will help kill and suppress the Herpes virus and also kills any sexually transmitted bacterial infections such as Gonorrhea and Syphilis.These are 1,000mg capsules, and it requires one per day for positive results. There are cheaper remedies out there,but cheaper isn’t always better. It takes at least 1,000 mg of the main ingredient in these capsules to actually effect the virus,don’t let anyone else mislead you.The typical person who has the virus has at least one outbreak per month,this will eliminate the outbreaks and burning completely.

( DIRECTIONS FOR USE):Take one capsule daily, it doesn’t matter what time of day you take them or if you take them with food.I would strongly suggest staying away from large amounts of sugar and alcohol,because the Herpes virus (HVS1 and HVS2) feeds off of the sugars and it makes it harder to cure.There is no special diet while taking these pills or there aren’t any negative side effects to this treatment,and as always practice safe sex with your partner during outbreaks.In case of a bad outbreak, take two capsules daily until it clears completely.)

What this medicine does is blocks off the virus and bacteria so it can not feed and reproduce inside your body,and also attacks the protective coating and membrane of the HVS1 and HVS2 viral infection also known as the Herpes virus, then it slowly dies. This product is guaranteed to work,this is not just some cheap cream that you apply to your outbreak, this actually works from the inside out and kills the bacterial and viral infections that invade your body and take over.

It has taken me years to develope this product and find the right combination that is the most potent,and the fastest working natural cure to date.Studies have shown fantastic results in several people as well as myself that have tested positive for one or more of these viruses or bacterial infections,and all have had no outbreaks or reoccurring symptoms while taking this medication. Expect to see great results within the first month or two of taking the capsules, and after six months go get tested for the virus and it may be gone completely.

This herbal mix also works as an anti aging agent and also boosts your immune system to ward off any future viral or bacterial infections. Having these bacterial and viral infections is very embarrassing and will hold you back from living the life you should be living, give this a try and tell me what you think,this is a cheap and very effective way to control and potentially eliminate the virus for good.This is an alternative cure for the pricey medication that the doctors sell,it’s great for people who do not have health insurance, and also for people who would like a natural alternative to prescription medications.

Note:You are purchasing only a one month supply, for best results use as directed.Due to prepping procedures it may take a few days before shipping out.I want to make sure everything is the finest quality and freshest ingredients for maximum potency.Previous customers,please leave reviews of this product and leave feedback if possible. I’ve had a lot of people asking me if this really works,and I need you to help to get the word out.Thank you for using my product.

( FOR SOME INDIVIDUALS THIS PRODUCT MAY ONLY SUPPRESS THE VIRUS IF YOU DO NOT TAKE AS DIRECTED ……THIS IS A HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY,AND COMES PACKAGED IN A RESEALABLE BAG.If you have any questions about ingredients or allergy related questions,please feel free to message me and I will answer all questions related to this product. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR POSITIVE FEEDBACK,IT MAKES ME HAPPY TO SEE THAT YOU ARE HAVING GREAT RESULTS WITH THE PRODUCT.Save money on shipping when you order two or more items.$$$$$$

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