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For sale is a factory sealed bottle of Andrew Lessmans Circulation & Vein Support 60 Capsules with expiration date of 01/30/2023. Buy it now and receive fast & free shipping to all 50 U.S. States only.

Andrew Lessman Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs
Andrew Lessman’s Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs is a blend of potent natural compounds to support the challenged circulation in our legs. This unique formula is designed to combat the natural swelling and enlargement in the veins and tissues of our legs that occur with aging and daily activities.

The blood vessels in our legs are perhaps the most challenged in our body, since they must battle gravity to transport blood from our furthest extremities back to the heart. It is this difficult journey that causes the enlargement, swelling and heaviness of the tissues and veins of our feet, ankles and calves. The normal aging process adds to this uncomfortable burden, as does prolonged standing or sitting, as well as stress, overweight and high temperatures.

Our primary ingredient, Diosmin, has been clinically shown to offer extensive benefits to the delicate veins and capillaries of the legs. It has been used in Europe for over 50 years and its benefits established by decades of extensive clinical research. We also add Butcher’s Broom – a traditional plant-based ingredient, which has been clinically studied in Europe where it is used to support tired, heavy legs and leg vein health. We also add high levels of OPCs from standardized extracts of Pine Bark and Grape Seed. OPCs are unique compounds that target leg circulation.

In short, aging and our modern lifestyle challenge the circulation in our legs and this unique formula provides the natural relief these over-worked tissues deserve.

What You Get

Amount Per Serving . %DV*
Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate/ascorbyl palmitate) 30 mg 33%
Diosmin 600 mg
Butcher’s Broom, extract (rhizome/root) 80 mg
  standardized to 9% saponins as ruscogenins
Horse Chestnut, extract (seed) 80 mg
  standardized to 20% aescin
Pine Bark, extract (bark) 10 mg
  standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins/75% polyphenols
Grape Seed, extract (seed) 10 mg
  standardized to 80% polyphenols
Hesperidin 50 mg
Rutin 10 mg

* Percent Daily Value (%DV) based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule.

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