Elite Fitness Labs Super L-Carnitine with Liquid ChromeMate


Elite Fitness Labs Super L-Carnitine with Liquid ChromeMate
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Super L-Carnitine is essential for fat burning.

I.B. Fritz and K.T.N. Yue, physiologists from the University of Michigan, discovered that Carnitine actually accelerates the fat-burning process in the liver and muscles.

Without it, fat is unable to penetrate the walls of the mitochondria of the muscle cells.

Carnitine is the shuttle that carries fat into your body’s furnaces (mus- cles) to be burned for energy. Super L-Carnitine increases the rate of fat utilization for fuel.

Unfortunately, the richest natural sources of Carnitine are meats such as sheep, lamb and beef. However, they’re also high in calories and saturated fats and would have to be eaten in excessive quantities to supply the body with sufficient amounts of Carnitine.

One serving of Super L-Carnitine is equal to one and one half pounds of beef without the calories and fat.

Here’s a simple analogy to demonstrate how Super L-Carnitine works.

Imagine your blood stream is a river. Your body-fat cells are little people in boats floating down the river to reach their final destination: The Muscle Hotel, (muscle tissue-where fat will be burned as fuel for energy).

But, when they arrive, they find the door too heavy to open.
Super L-Carnitine is the doorman to The Muscle Hotel. It allows your body-fat to more easily enter (permeate) your muscle

tissue to be burned as fuel energy.

In a pilot study involving college students, subjects receiving 300 mg doses of Super L-Carnitine experienced dramatic increases in aerobic capacity as determined by the MaxVO2 (maximal volume of oxygen consumed). This explains why Super L-Carnitine is used for both athletic performance (especially endurance athletes including cyclists, runners and ironman competitors) as well as peoople involved in weight-management — efficient transport and energy expenditure.

The Super L-Carnitine Formulation is a PRE and POST-workout formulation. Typically, a fitness enthusiast will take 1 Tablespoon (per 100 lbs or 45kg) with plenty of water 30 minutes before (pre) a cardiovascular workout (of at least 40 minutes continuous duration) and then another equal dose directly after (post) workout. Super L- Carnitine is often used in combination with the Lipotropic Plus Formula to aid in the breakdown (emulsification) transport and final oxidation of fat as it is used for energy during fat metabolism.

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