Long Life RejuveMAX Anti-Aging and Amino Acid Relaxing Formula – 60 tablets


Long Life RejuveMAX Anti-Aging and Amino Acid Relaxing Formula – 60 tablets



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Stronheim Bio-Nutrient Labs of Geneva, Switzerland, utilizing the latest research developments, has developed a new cellular rejuvenation tablet, RejuveMAX ( Maximum Rejuvenation), containing 8 constituents to significantly slow the aging process and maintain a youthful vitality.

CELLUMINUM is an anti-aging ingredient, trademarked and registered in 1982.

  • No Sugar,
  • No Corn Starch,
  • No Yeast,
  • No Gluten,
  • No Sodium

Time-Release (Sustained Release) Formula maintains and stabilizes the metabolism of vitamins & minerals to create optimal benefits to your body. With the timed release formula, LONG LIFE REJUVEMAX is released into your system at a constant rate throughout the day. That means your body is most likely to absorb all of the nutrients and get the highest level of benefit from our all natural LONG LIFE REJUVEMAX.

8 Ingredients & Functions of RejuveMAX

1. Vitamin B12 – Repair & strengthen cellular membranes against free radical and damages.

2. Calcium – Essential constituent of all humans.

3. CELLUMINUM – Streamlined molecule of the cholinergic chain that can pass through the blood-brain barrier because it possesses only three electrons and enters directly into the individual human cell. Over there, it is converted into choline and acetylcholine, which are the elements that prevent the breakdown and facilitate the repair of cellular and subcellular membranes.

4. DL-methionine – Methylator that biosynthesizes Celluminum within the individual cells into choline and acetylcholine.

5. Choline Bitartrate – Stabilizing element for the above process.

6. L-Serine – An essential amino acid.

7. PABA – An additional activator of the above process.

8. Inositol – Found in heart muscle and also occurring in animal tissue.

Some Benefits of LONG LIFE RejuveMAX

  • Vitamin B12 is possibly the most complex of all the vitamins. With folic acid, Vitamin B12 helps make DNA, the molecule that carries our genetic code. Vitamin B12 helps nerve cells spark and communicate, helps burn fat, and keeps us energized. Deficiencies of Vitamin B12 can result in a serious type of anemia and potentially harmful nerve damage.
  • L-Serine helps alleviate pain & can act as a natural anti-psychotic.
  • DL-Methionine aids in lowering cholesterol, helps in treatment of schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease & may protect against tumors.
  • Choline and Inositol can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL); it can also prevent alzheimer & reduce fatigue.
  • PABA is an anti-aging ingredient that delays grey hair, reduces wrinkles & help maintain a youthful complexion.

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Long Life RejuveMAX Anti-Aging Formula

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