Man Sports ISO-EAA Complete Amino/Hydration, 30 Servings – Rainbow Sherbet 690g


Man Sports ISO-EAA Complete Amino/Hydration, 30 Servings – Rainbow Sherbet 690g
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Man Sports ISO-EAA Complete Amino/Hydration, 30 Servings – Rainbow Sherbet 690g

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Product Description

BRAND: Man Sports
  • ISO EAA. Iso-EAA is a powerful 3-in-1 intra workout supplement containing BCAA’s and EAA’s that help your muscles to recover, enhance your overall endurance, and keep you hydrated during every workout so that your body can perform at its best, every time.
  • ENHANCED MUSCLE RECOVERY. Iso EAA is a complex made up of BCAA’S and EAA’s, which help your muscles to recover after a tough workout. Because the body can’t produce EAA’s on its own, it’s vital that athletes and those with active lifestyles get them from their diet. These essential amino acids prevent muscle breakdown and improve recovery time.
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE. Increase the intensity of your workout as your endurance begins to improve with the power of EAA’s. Iso EAA also delivers electrolytes to keep you hydrated during your workouts, meaning your body can perform its best, and you can focus on setting a new personal record.
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE. Man Sports has set out on a mission to switch up the game, introducing new and exciting flavors for traditional supplements. With fitness junkies in mind, we’ve continued to develop our line of products, producing only quality supplements and flavors to help keep your routine exciting!
  • INNOVATING THE GAME. Let’s get one thing straight, Man Sports is anything but boring. We understand repetition and exercising as a whole can be tiresome, which is why we’ve reinvented the supplement game with mouth-watering flavors and wholesome products that assist every athlete on their journey.

We’ve combined essential ingredients in one unique product for every athlete. BCAA’s and EAA’s pair perfectly in this 3-in-1 supplement to put your body on the fast track for sore muscle recovery, building endurance, and also providing intense hydration for the body.

As we sweat, electrolytes are quickly depleted, leaving the muscles weak, and can cause headaches or nausea. Iso EAA helps to prevent this, providing an abundance of electrolytes to help fuel your body before, during, and after each workout.

What began as an experiment to bring fun back into our boring fitness routines, resulted in an explosive fanbase response craving more. As a group of bodybuilders, athletes, and everyday people who struggled with dieting, we knew we needed products that helped us to reach our goals, without any unnecessary additives; thus, Man Sports was born.

Iso EAA is an easy-to-drink powdered supplement that is best mixed with water for an unmatchable and mouth-watering taste.

We recommend mixing one level scoop with 16-24 ounces of cold water.

Simply stir, blend, or shake, and consume during workouts on training days, or throughout the day on both rest and training days.

Whether you’re a first-year athlete or have years of bodybuilding under your belt, Man Sports has you covered. We’ve developed unique products that are easy-to-use and help keep the repetition to a minimum with unique pairings and flavors that can be used throughout your workout, day-in and day-out. We’re constantly innovating our line of products to keep things FUN and we hope you take Man Sports on your journey!

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