NESTLADY Handmade Glue Paste 阿胶 7 PC


NESTLADY Handmade Glue Paste 阿胶 7 PC

NESTLADY Handmade Glue Paste 7 PC

  • ✅Inheriting the classic, soft waxy and sweet, it can store energy for the young, adhere to the fresh manual cooking, the real material, the fruit grain is clearly visible, eat delicious, eat healthy.
  • ✅Raw materials directly supplied from the origin, strict technology, scientific matching and rich nutrition.
  • ✅After four crafts hand-made, neat block, sesame fragrance, nuts visible, attractive, layers of wiredrawing, delicate and rich, soft waxy chewy, easy to absorb.
  • ✅Fresh independent small bag, go out, work put a few tablets in the bag, replenish nutrition at any time, very convenient.
  • ✅How to eat it: take one tablet in the morning, which is easy to absorb on an empty stomach; take one tablet in the afternoon when you are hungry and sleepy, which replenishes the energy in the afternoon; take one tablet before going to bed at night, which is good for sleep.


Our product combines nature and aesthetics, the understanding of life from every detail in daily life.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

We know that happy customers are the best customers. We want you to be so pleased with your experience that you order again and again from us and tell all your friends about us.

Edible method Natural Wild Tragacanth Gum will grow 30-50 times bigger after water soaking. Take the Natural Wild Tragacanth Gum soaked in clear water for 8-10 hours (may need to be soaked for longer time if have big pieces). After the Natural Wild Tragacanth Gum is completely soaked, it will become a long strip of crystal clear and thin filaments like bird’s nest. rinse 3 times with water, pick out the bark and other impurities with tweezers. After removing impurities, put it into the stew pot and add water. The ratio of Natural Wild Tragacanth Gum and clear water is about 1:2. After the water is boiled, turn it into a small fire and cook for about 30-45 minutes. Do not cook for more than 1 hour, Natural Wild Tragacanth Gum will turn into water. When eating: 3 grams per person per time

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