Nicorette 4mg Inhaler [42 Cartridges, 4MG Quit Smoking Cessation Aid 0.4LB] NEW




Nicorette 4mg Inhaler [42 Cartridges, 4MG Quit Smoking Cessation Aid 0.4LB] NEW

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Nicorette 4mg Inhaler [42 Cartridges, 4MG Quit Smoking Cessation Aid 0.4LB] NEW




EXP DATE : 05/2022


An equally effective alternative to Nicorette Gum is Nicorette Inhaler – a breakthrough smoking-cessation aid that will help you quit while helping to satisfy the hand-to-mouth ritual you’re so used to

The dose of nicotine you receive from one puff of the Inhaler is much less than what you receive from one puff of a cigarette

What’s more, the dosing system of the Inhaler is flexible. When you first quit, use the Inhaler longer and more frequently to help control cravings. During the course of your three-month cessation period, use it less and less often, turning to it only at those times when you most crave a cigarette

To increase your chances of quitting with the help of Nicorette Inhaler, use it in conjunction with a support program that helps you break your smoking habit

Nicorette Inhaler consists of a two-part mouthpiece into which you insert a nicotine cartridge. Once assembled, you simply place the tapered end of the Inhaler in your mouth and either inhale deeply into the back of your throat or take short puffs

As you inhale or puff through the mouthpiece, nicotine turns into a vapour and is absorbed through the lining of your mouth and throat, but does not enter your lungs

The dosing system of Nicorette Inhaler is flexible. The less you draw on the mouthpiece of your Inhaler, the longer the nicotine content of each cartridge will last

For the first 3 to 12 weeks of treatment, you should use at least 6 but no more than 12 cartridges per day. As your body adjusts to not smoking, you can either stop using the Inhaler altogether, or slowly reduce the number of cartridges you use each day over the next 6 to 12 weeks

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