Rejuvenation effervescent H2 Molecular Hydrogen Magnesium Hydrogen Tablets 60


Rejuvenation effervescent H2 Molecular Hydrogen Magnesium Hydrogen Tablets 60
  • 1 HIGHEST PRODUCING TABLET ON THE MARKET! – We are proud to be the most powerful molecular hydrogen tablet to date. Here at Drink HRW we take pride in our work and stand behind our quality. Rest assured, knowing Rejuvenation H2 is the best because your body deserves nothing but the best.
  • WE MAKE IT EASY. SIMPLY DROP 1 TABLET INTO AN OPEN CUP AND DRINK- We have eliminated the need to have a contained bottle in order to saturate your water with hydrogen. There is no more waiting 20 minutes or longer for your h2 water to be ready for consumption. Add 1 tablet to a glass of water, wait 60-90 seconds for the tablet to dissolve and its ready to drink. Not only is it fast, it’s super concentrated with H2. Drinkhrw’s specialized formula produces max hydrogen saturation at record speeds.
  • HYDROGEN WATER-Increases ATP production (energy) – Boosts energy, mental clarity & focus- is able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier-Increases rate of healing from soft tissue injuries-AND SO MUCH MORE!
  • VERY SAFE AND EASY TO USE- With over 70+ human studies on hydrogen water consumption there have been no known negative side effects. H2 is a safe supplement that works.

Product Description

Why Hydrogen?

Molecular Hydrogen Technology and The Myriad of Uses

Hydrogen has received a considerable amount of research regarding its benefits to athletes.

As athletes, we face one serious, silent struggle… Deciding when to take a day off.

Overtraining decreases energy & overall performance. Under training gives our competitors an edge.

Too many rest days – decreases gains. Minimal rest – decreases recovery.

Maintaining a high-intensity active lifestyle can lead to burnout and muscle fatigue, impacting performance and delaying recovery time.

Hydrogen is the new kid on the block – with evidence so far suggesting it’s superior to any other recovery method. 1200+ publications and 70+ human clinical trials demonstrate the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen. Human research has shown positive results in Metabolic Health, Neuroprotection, and Athletic Performance.

Molecular Hydrogen can also aim to support:

  • Rejuvenation enhances healing mechanisms of every single joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament in your body to help protect against overuse-related injuries, such as stress fractures, sprains, strains and tears
  • Rejuvenation supports rapid recovery from your workouts by reducing excessive oxidative damage and inflammation, allowing you to get back into the gym or onto the field more quickly.
  • Hydrogen water works just like exercise, during exercise, promoting results and speeding up recovery. Hydrogen is clinically validated, allowing athletes to train harder and recover faster – without reducing gains.

Rejuvenation is Informed Choice Sport Certified!

DrinkHRW Molecular Hydrogen magnesium reactive tablets are formulated to infuse H2 to water.

Upon drinking therapeutic H2 gas is released deep into your cells helping you perform, & recover

Our tablet utilizes elemental magnesium and organic acids to liberate the molecular hydrogen off of water, H2O, on demand. This means you can generate your own hydrogen water on the road, before or after training, or anywhere where you have access to water and a drinking container. Added benefits of tablets over other methods include the highest dosage and delivery of H2 on the market, 100x higher than some expensive technologies, convenience and the added benefit of a highly bioavailable magnesium supplement.

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Active Ingredients

Magnesium, Malic Acid, Dextrose


Magnesium 80mg


Mineral (Single Active Ingredient)

Country/Region of Manufacture

United States

Main Purpose

Energy Support


General/Whole Body Health




No Banned Ingredients

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