SIBU Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft gels, 60 ct 60 Count (Pack of 1)


SIBU Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft gels, 60 ct 60 Count (Pack of 1)

Brand New SIBU Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft gels, 60 ct

Manufacturer model: SBCS2000 -2

  • Health Benefits. Omega-7 is a fatty acid has Vitamin A in it that is vital to collagen production & healthy skin, combat wrinkles, hair & nails. Relieves extreme dry eye, helps soothe & repair intestinal linings, helps maintain weight loss & help better weight management in the long run.
  • Premium Omega 7 Product. Fatty acids can be found in animal and plant sources, including macadamia nuts, cold-water fish & sea buckthorn berries. Sea buckthorn contains a much higher concentration of this valuable fatty acid, up to 40% as compared to 17% in macadamia nuts. While this omega has numerous skin & health benefits, it is also known for its ability to support a healthy weight & intestinal health.
  • Anti Aging. The synergistic effect of the nutrients in these softgels a has very effective beauty and anti aging properties that benefits the skin, as well as hair, nails & internal health. These soft gels will provide skin hydration & relieve dry mucous membranes such as dry eyes, it helps to restore skins natural elasticity, replenish skin tone & fight the effects of natural aging process.
  • Max Potency Sea Buckthorn. 100% Pure Sea Buckthorn seed oil & Sea Buckthorn fruit oil with antioxidants, no preservatives or no artificial flavors. It has Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Omega 3 6 9 & Guaranteed 40%+ Omega 7. This product is USDA Organic, unrefined, with no added fragrances, paraben free, alcohol free, anti-animal testing, non GMO, cruelty free & vegan friendly that is CO2 Critical Extracted. That makes these soft gels at its highest potency.
  • All Natural & High Quality. PETA Certified, Cruelty-free & Vegan, GMO Free & Gluten Free. Made in USA. All SIBU Sea Buckthorn ingredients are double tested by independent laboratories to ensure nutrient efficacy & highest of potency.


Product Description

Sea Buckthorn… What is it?

Anti-Aging Properties

Hydration is truly the key to youthful and beautiful skin and Purified Omega 7 delivers it in spades. This Omega-7 Supplement will help to fight inflammation, as well as protect against wrinkles and loss of elasticity for skin that glows with radiant youthfulness. Omega-7 is helps to increase collagen production, which in turn makes you have youthful skin.

Sea Buckthorn is naturally full of antioxidants, which help protect your body against aging. These soft-gels have Vitamins C & Vitamins E that are antioxidants that removes damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism. Therefore, It removes damaging agents that damages your skin that would otherwise damage your skin that makes you look older.

Body Health Benefits

Experts believe that the high flavonoid content of the oil helps you when you aren’t feeling well. Sea buckthorn oil contains a high amount of antioxidants that are beneficial plant compounds that may also help defend your body against free radicals. It’s antioxidants may help reduce risk factors the circulatory system.

Mucous Membrane Hydration

This product hydrates all your mucous membranes. This includes hydrating your mouth and eyes. This is when you have dry mouth and dry eyes. This includes many body cavities that secrete mucus like your gut and respiratory passage ways. This will help improve overall body health!

  • Omega 7 Helps with inflammation & wrinkles

  • Anti Wrinkle affect on your body

  • Makes your skin glow

  • Best Omega 7 Supplement

SIBU Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft-gels

SIBU LUXE Hydrating Face Oil

SIBU Rejuvenating Night Cream

SIBU Age Defying Eye Cream

SIBU Moisturizing Body Cream

Formulated Benefits

Take Our Sea Buckthorn Soft Gels to support a healthy weight, cardiovascular health, and gastro-intestinal health.

Our LUXE Oil Will Help Get Rid Of Acne & Blemishes On Your Face

Our Night Cream Will Help Get Rid Of Wrinkles & Brighten Your Face

Our Eye Cream Will Help Firm Saggy Under Eyes & Help Even Out Your Complexion

Our Body Cream will Moisturize Your Body While Getting Rid Of Acne & Blemiishes

Skin Hydration

Anti-Ageing Benefits

Help Reduce Signs Of Scaring

Rejuvenates The Skin

Cell Regeneration Benefits

Promotes Intestinal Lining Health

Relieves Dry Eye

Packed With Antioxidants

Helps Hair & Nails Grow

What Makes it so Special?

Our Product Features Sibu’s signature Premium Himalayan Sea Buckthorn oils!

Our Premium Sea Buckthorn Oils has over 190 bioactive compounds, sea buckthorn berry oil is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. And it is the world’s richest source of the elusive essential palmitoleic fatty acid, Omega-7, a fatty acid vital to collagen production and healthy skin, hair and nails. It has an abundance of vitamins in it like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Vitamin E & Vitamin K. Omega 7 fatty acid (also called “Palmitoleic Acid” in most scientific and clinical publications) can be found in animal and plant sources, including macadamia nuts, cold-water fish and pure buckthorn oil berries. Sea-buckthorn oil contains a much higher concentration of these valuable fatty acid vitamins , up to 40% as compared to 17% in macadamia nuts. While this omega has numerous skin and health benefits, it is also known for its ability to support a healthy weight, respiratory health, and digestive health.

Super-Critical CO2 Extraction

To be sure no nutrients are lost in the production process, we use a “Super-Critical CO2 Extraction” to maintain every important part of this amazing berry. With our own vertically integrated facilities located just hours away from where the Sea Berries are harvested, these berries are still very fresh and rich in omega properties when the pulping process begins.

Triple-Test For Quality Control

In addition to the CO2 Extraction we run our product through a triple-test quality control system to be sure every product we produce is of the highest quality. Utilizing three different independent test laboratories to ensure excellent quality, each one of our products contains the key nutrients that are so valuable to a good health and beauty regimen.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits

  • All Natural & Triple Tested To Ensure High Quality

  • Great for Problematic & Sensitive Skin

  • Omega 7 Supplement

  • Helps Diminishing Acne & Prevents Breakouts

  • Super-Critical CO2 Extraction

  • Anti Aging Properties

  • Grows And Thickens Your Hair & Nails

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