[U.S Seller] InnerB Glowshot Liquid Collagen Drink (50ml X 6 bottles)


[U.S Seller] InnerB Glowshot Liquid Collagen Drink (50ml X 6 bottles)

[U.S Seller] InnerB Glowshot Collagen Drink . Condition is New.

Innerb Glowshot Collagen Drink 3000mg

✔Repel aging, wrinkles

✔Innerb Glowshot Collagen Drink 3000mg replenishes collagen and vitamins to help skin smooth, bright.

✔Strengthens cell membrane, elastic, firm

✔skin Restores skin sagging, or roughness

✔Collapse pores

✔Reduces wrinkles, helps skin rejuvenate

✔Collagen helps to repair damaged cells, reduces scars, acne dark

✔spots Reduce melasma freckles

✔Regenerate skin, slow down the aging processInnerB Glowshot Collagen Drink helps replenish collagen for the body, the product helps improve the skin structure of connective tissue cells, helps skin smooth, reduce wrinkle formation and signs of aging. Collagen InnerB Glowshot is a suitable choice because it is in the form of small molecules, easily absorbed and more effective.Review Innerb Glowshot Collagen Drink


✔ Delicious mango flavor, easy to drink, no fishy, helps feeling good when drinking.

✔Supplement with small molecular-shaped drinking water collagen, which is easily absorbed and effective faster.

✔The formula of collagen + vitamins is necessary for the skin, beautifying the skin without being harmful to health. In contrast, reduces fatigue, stress, increases resistance.

✔Luxurious design, lovely. If you intend to make a gift for Mom, sister, lover, it is certainly great.

✔InnerB water collagen is designed in the form of water so they retain most of the natural structure of fresh collagen, ensuring the most original and freshest collagen quality.

✔InnerB Glowshot Collagen of InnerB is packaged in 50ml glass bottles / bottle so the ability to keep the freshness of the product better, and the quality is also better preserved.

✔The bottle of 50ml is quite moderate, so you do not have to worry about missing or excess collagen.

✔Besides, the water form is the easiest to use and the most easily absorbed and the most effective, so it is liked by the majority of users.

***The expiration date on each lot may vary.

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